Snowbird Time in Florida


The clear majority of full time residents of Florida welcome back our annual visitors. In the Pinellas County area (St Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores and up and down the Island) it’s a great time of year. We appreciate the extra input of cash to the system!

There are some simple things that would come into play ever so nicely.

Crossing Lights; please push the button for the orange lights to flash and then proceed across the street. (After seeing both ways have stopped vehicles) I’ve already seen one fatality this season. Sometimes the locals don’t know if you’re looking to cross the street or wandering aimlessly.

Crossing Lights 2; If you’re visiting and driving and you see orange lights flashing: STOP the car and let folks cross the street!

Driving the beach strip; You may or not be aware, but people actually work here! If the speed limit says 35 MPH how about doing something close to that? 20 MPH while to look for dolphins between the condo buildings is a bit much. (Or rather not much enough) The upside is of course the waitstaff where you’re dining will be there on time and you’ll enjoy the dining experience so much more.

Bicycles; let me apologize for our bikers. There is a bike lane. Most bikers use the bike lane. However; when they get in packs or gaggles of a bunch; they tend to think they own the road. It’s especially annoying around Indian Shores where it’s only two lanes. As a footnote you’re not allowed to run them off the road.

Thinking you are home; now in some countries waitstaff are paid minimum wage equal to shop clerks. In Florida waitstaff is paid minimum wage but not anything close to normal minimum wage! They depend on tips to survive in life. Before you get on with “Well they don’t have to work in the bar/ restaurant business”, who would serve you? Chinese buffet? 20% is nice, more is better, less is not so good.

Last for now turn signals; please note the large number of auto supply stores we have locally. If you leave a car here for the summer or rent one when you get here: ensure you have a full tank of turn signal fluid! You’ll notice many of our locals also miss this.

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