The Most Annoying MLS Category is GONE


AWC or Active with Contract as of December 19, 2016.

As a Realtor there was nothing worse than a client finding a property on my website that shows as Active only to find out is was AWC. They'd want to see the placed be cause it was "perfect" and I'd show the place and let them know what the AWC was all about.

It's a unit under contract that is taking back up offers. It came into play due to the large number of "Short Sales" at a time when banks to forever processing a Short Sale. Potential deals would fall apart due to delays and the listing Realtor in theory would have another contract in place once the banks got around to making a decision.

In reality the AWC was a pain that very few Realtor boards used.

It annoyed Realtors taking clients to see homes they couldn't buy and it annoyed clients as they felt their time was being wasted. (And for the most part it was a giant waste of time)

Soon what you see on a website; you can buy. Dec. 19, 2016 all AWC listings will become "Pending".

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